Help me. I can not sign in to the plugin

Hi there,
I downloaded the trial version for SketchUp Plugin. But when I filled the form and click Sign In or Sign Up, nothing happens. The Ruby Console shows these messages:

Please help me, thank you.


Me, too. Same here. May be your server is overloaded?

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Thanks for reporting this bug. We got a massive response and our servers overloaded. We are actively working on this, please try again in a 1-2 hours.

Thank you!


That was the case, we fixed the issue and ArkoAI is live again

Has the problem been solved?

Yes! The issue was fixed, let us know if you still can’t sign in

Hi there,
I have the dowloaded the sketchup plugin but unfortunately i’m unable to make an account.
“email is invalid or allready registered” with all my different email accounts.

I get:

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hey there! i have the same problem

Hi Lucia,

Are you having the issue in Sketchup and with version 1.1.0?

yess!! where can i found the most recent version?

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Hello @luciamportiz!

Sorry you’re having issues signing in.

I’ll send you an email to get more information and we can see what the problem is.

Looking forward to fixing this for you!


Could you please send me the same email as well?

Thank you

Yes, just sent you an email with some instructions on how you can help us to help you.

Looking forward to getting this working for you!

Also, current latest version of Arko SketchUp is 1.1.0 for any future readers.

Hello, we recently found an issue that is now fixed.

Please feel free to try it again @Rani.L / @luciamportiz and please let us know if there is still an issue!


For issues with signing up or signing in, please see this blog post for information we need to help:

ArkoAI SketchUp | Support | Getting Help on Issues

If you could please post screenshots according to that post (Ruby Console + Arko UI Console), that will help us to best help you!

Hi there!
I used Arkoai rendering some pics 1hours ago and everything is ok, but now I meet the same problem that I cannot sign in .

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Hello @onlyfran!

Since you’ve rendered before, we’d guess maybe it’s an issue with your password…

We reset your account, so if you “Sign Up” again hopefully that will work.


屏幕截图 2023-03-27 210113

Same problem here, cannot sign in.
Please help me.

Hi @Arcticloudz ,

Can you send us an email at Please include the email you are using to sign up.

We will fix this for you as soon as possible!

I have the same problem , what should i do ?