Fixed | Open Arko Ai in sketchup, its blank

Hi, when I open Arko Ai in sketchup, Its always blank, didn’t see anything.
Pls fix it

I’m having the same problem and I’ve seen people say it’s because of the internet connection. But I changed my internet connection settings and the problem was not solved, did you get this problem solved? Do you have any solutions?

I have no idea for that

Hey guys! I’m looking into this, is there any additional context you can provide about your issue? Do you have the latest version?

Send us a screenshot of the “ruby console” (Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console) and the UI console (Right Click the White Screen > Inspect Element > “Console” Tab - and post the results.

We are also going to be sending an update by the end of the week that will hopefully solve it.

We just pushed the new version: 1.0.4

You can find the latest installer on the website here: INSTALLER

This version has a specific update to try and address the white screen issue.

We are actively working on another solution also, in the case this update does not solve it.

bug not fix, still blank, pls note and fix it soon
Thank You

have the same problem, wondering when can I get fixed version

same probem. tried to reinstalled to 1.04. still super white!

Thank you for the context on this. We are working on another solution that could solve your issue! I will let you know when it is posted!

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Hope you fix this soon,
Thank you.

We are working on it and we will release a new version soon! In the upcoming release, we will also include:

  • UI improved
  • Higher quality renders!

We are working on the next release (1.0.5) for Arko Sketchup where we hope to have fixed this white screen issue.

If you experience this issue, we recommend trying this version and seeing if it works then. The latest version can always be found here on the website:




1.0.0 is fixed the blank white, sometime ai work very well but
I designed a spa but the AI did not realized it a spa bed , ai thought it was a part of floor

Can you code or something to teach the ai :slight_smile:
and AI can hardly recognize the room with recessed lights or not

Really glad the latest release solved the blank screen issue for you!

How interesting… a couple notes of advice:

1 - we’ve found that changing shadows / lighting / materials of the scene has been really successful in getting the AI dialed in. We’ll release a tutorial for this soon

2 - we are also currently working on an enhancement that will help give the AI more information about the scene. Stay tuned!