Help with keeping the architecture consistent but changing the interior style

Hi Seldon,

I’ve been playing with Arko AI for a few days, and I’m finding it difficult to strike a balance between keeping the architecture the same (no new spaces, doors, or windows being added, for example) but getting changes to lighting, materials, furniture and fittings (which is what I’d like to be able to quickly explore).

I loaded up a previous project and used the same scene with three different sets of prompts, and adjusted the Prompt Importance from 45 (starting value) to 65 and then 85, and adjusted the Difference from Original from 32 (starting value, though there appears to be a bug related to this) to 42, 52, 62, 72 and 82.

I’m finding that unless the Difference from Original value is high, I won’t get much of an improvement in lighting and materiality over the base sketchup screenshot, and I won’t get things I’m asking for (eg. pendant lights, art on walls, etc.). However at higher Difference from Original values ArkoAI is very likely to change the architectural features, and draw in odd shaped ceilings, or lose the ceiling entirely, or add windows or change their shape. It also often starts to make the furniture incomprehensible, melting tables and chairs into unusable sculpture.

What you demonstrated in your youtube video ‘Using AI to make Sketchup Renderings fast (interior design)’ is pretty much the use case I’m looking at - the same room styled differently - but I’m really not able to get the results you are, either the level of variation or the coherence of the room. Can you provide any help?

The three prompts I tried were:

  1. Modern interior, award winning interior, parquet wood floor, living area, dining area, contemporary furniture, rug, window seats, sunlight, pendant light fittings, artwork on walls
  2. Rustic interior, award winning interior, wooden floorboards, living area, dining area, rustic furniture, rug, window seats, sunlight, pendant light fittings, artwork on walls
  3. Classical interior, award winning interior, polished concrete floor, living area, dining area, antique furniture, rug, window seats, spotlights, floor-standing lamps, artwork on walls

I can only attach a single file, so I’ve created a link to a pdf which has each of the 18 images for each of the three prompts (3 prompt importance levels x 6 difference from original levels).