Arko Mac questions

Good Morning to everyone…

I can see on my ark in Mac still some problem to choose the quality of the render image and the botton save isn’t working…even for you guys?
does exist any list of the prompts to have a better result for the software?


If you share a model or some images from the model, our team will be happy to create some prompts to show you how to get some great results

In order to get great results there’s a mix between using the settings in a good way and to write a good prompt.

  • Seldon

Thanks for receiving your email.

I need to be clear, this plug in is mind blowing how fast it is fast to realize ideas for us and for our client.
I’m using a Mac with Arko AI but still have some problems with saving the images and selecting the quality of the image.
Will be interesting to have a list of possible prompts for everyone to have a nice result.
But I think is still the beginning of this software
Nice work and thanks

Alessandro Iezzi

Hey, @alejandrochina, thanks for the feedback!

I think I see what you’re asking…

Here are some links that are pretty great we think for showing the settings for some pretty good renders

Case Study | Modern Luxury Home | Sample Model Included! - ArkoAI SketchUp® - ArkoAI Forum

Also this video shows some good technique.

The last major thing is that the AI really benefits from a little bit of detail. If everything is white, it can’t understand as well (though it can still do pretty good! But, for instance, it can make really awesome grass / vegetation if the face is already a green color, or really great water if the face is blue. Or give it a red material, and the brick will be better. Or give the face a light / transparent blue and the glass material will be much better detected.

Hopefully this helps!